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♪ with this did. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, stunning developments in the boston marathon bombing. three college friends of the surviving terrorist tsarnaev, charged with trying to cover up evidence that tsarnaev participated in a terrorist attack. two of the three young men are from cassocks and detained more than a week ago on immigration charges and charged now with conspiring to constru justice. you can see them in this picture here. the picture believed to have been taken last year. at third man not picture there is charged with lying to federal investigators. attorneys for the accused
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address reporters just hours ago . they denied any wrongdoing by their clients. >> absolutely denying the charges come as we said, from the very beginning, he assisted the fbi in this investigation. he is just as shocked and horrified by the violence in boston. >> my client feels horrible and was shocked to hear that someone that he knew at the university of massachusetts started was involved with the boston marathon bobbing. he has cooperated fully with the authorities and looks forward to the jews coming and in this case lou: but according to the fbi that three men realized tsarnaev was one of the boss and bombers three days after the tax. officials released surveillance video of the suspects. that is when they allegedly decided to help tsarnaev by going to his dorm room at the university of massachusetts dartmouth and throwing away the
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suspects laptop and a backpack said to have contained seven red tubes of fireworks that had been emptied of their explosive powder. so far there is no charge the three men had any pknowledge ofn bombings or worked on the plan, but a month before the attacks the criminal complaint alleges that tsarnaev told his friends he knew how to make a bomb. my first guest tonight says these developments in the boston investigation proved links to a larger support group. joining us now, fox news middle eastern terrorism analyst. good to have you with us. are you surprised to find that this -- that these new suspects have been identified by the fbi has at least a implicit in this plot? >> i'm not surprised that there are more suspects now that have been discovered. one notion that it will be
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difficult to imagine. now, they may have carried out the action alone but there were not completely isolated. they have been interacting with others. we don't know exactly what these three fellows have committed. that may be committing minor issues. this is an indicator that there is a network out there. not just connecting those suspects blue but the other cells across the united states. remember, fort hood, but carolina, georgia, many other groups. one common link all these people , one ideology. who is radicalizing. lou: it is going to be, of course, critically important to find out where all of these leads take us. so far the investigation has gone global. try to understand the
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relationships. it appears that there is a lot of hard work ahead. some of the peculiar things that have happened in the fbi quest to understand and to investigate the benghazi terrorist attack coming to the floor today when the fbi puts up this picture. if we may share this with the audience now, three men, three men said to be suspects in the benghazi trorist attack. there they are. and this going out with this statement that they are suspects. there is not the slightest mention of terrorism. the fbi in seeking the help of those who might identify the suspects in the terrorist attacks. they identify them, the event as a crime, not a terrorist attack. will the arab street like to be responsive to an fbi plea for help?
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>> of course to use all the tools at their disposal to try to find the perpetrator in this case, identified three individuals, posting their images, hoping that somebody would indicate, you know, an intention to help them, benghazi is not boston. here you have law enforcement, citizens. in benghazi you have many supporters who would actually possibly threaten anybody who would try to find these individuals. more important, as you just mentioned, this is not a crime scene. this is a tror acts scene. is notust about finding three of the many perpetrators because in the videos uni know we have seen dozens of attackers and have been able to identify three. the issue is to identify the organization. actually, the organization the kind of facebook that they have attacked us. a little bit behind. the fbi is doing good work in
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terms of investigating individuals, what the administration is redoing is a strategy to go after the organization. lou: thank you very much. gentlest developments on the benghazi was a war scandal, breaking news. the state department finally made contact with the next guest. that after repeated claims from the obama administration and the state department insisting that they were on aware of the benghazi whistle-blowers being intimidated are blocked from coming forward. joining us now, attorney representing one of the state department also boris, republican counsel to the senate intelligence committee, good to have you with this year. >> the continuing saga. >> you and the oversight
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community have attempted to focus the state department's attention on the issue of providing a channel for moving classified information into your hands and control at long last. you're finally contacted by the state department. >> thank you to fox. what happened was finally a letter. more than two weeks of the state department. here is where you go to get a security clearance. are you ready? assistant legal adviser for employment law. it would have known that. each of these agencies has a different arcane way of going through and getting this clearance. we all knew that. that is are we ask for the process. i called the person a couple of times. over two hours. only when i got on today and said her name, and i now want repeated, she called the office and i know have applied for my
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security clearance. breaking news here. lou: that is terrific because it is a positive step in moving into the public information that apparently is critical to our understanding of what it happened in benghazi. are you satisfied with the process that has been -- which you have been advised by the state department so that you could provide proper protection and representation to your client? >> until i get my currencies i've won't be -- clearances' i will be satisfied. i've had top-secret clearances. and deputy assistant attorney general. i've had clearances for representing specific clients, but that is how it works when you're in private practice. when your reader clearance it is only for particular case which means the information is compartmentalized. it's a big deal and the intelligence world.
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i had to go get it for this specific case in kaj. we will let you know. i sent it out within an hour after getting what i should provide them. lou: and congratulations on that. our thanks to the state department for being responsive. from both the state department and the white house about attempted intimidation, threats against for whistleblowers identified as employees of the state department and one employee of the cia. where do we go from here? because it is not conceivable that you would know what the exact statements are that would be made by your plan because you have not had the clearance. secondly -- >> and of the unclassified. i have talked to my client at length. the unclassified. lou: the and classified
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information is adequate to provide significant help to any investigating community? >> let me just tell you that knowing the unclassified information, there are inconsistencies with what the administration has said. lou: can you share any one of those? >> no. i can't. i just can't. glad to come back, will buy kaj will stop and say, this is an important conversation, but i cannot tell you. so my client is being so complaint with the law and here at the state department was trying to ignore this. they were obstructing justice. there are criminal sanctions for
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that. so it is good that they are thinking about getting in compliance with the criminal law lou: and did you characterize the contradictions and by that i mean characterize there import, potential impact, the dimension of what you know of the unclassified material that you find to be contravening testimony to my previous testimony, statements by the administration. >> let me put it this way. my husband is also representing somebody. and so i am pretty familiar with the array of information that will be presented. and it has to do with the security problems, issues before , the night of and the aftermath. giving you the spectrum because
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i identified what my client knows and will be identified my client. lou: as i understand you correctly? use the word retaliation. >> oh, yes. lou: we are going to reluctantly have to say that we're going to leave it there. one further step in this process representing your client. it appears the interest of the country. we appreciate it. much more later in this broadcast. we will be talking tonight with the four pacific fleet commander of the united states navy admiral james lyons. stay with us. a home with a white picket fence, a job of living wages. the american dream ending in the obama era. tonight's "chalk talk." mayday for markets.
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♪ >> president obama held a press conference earlier today and still wants to close the guantanamo bay prison facility but does not know how to do it. you do what he always does, tax it out of existence. it will be gone in a minute. lou: not funny if you are a small business owner, but a lot of small business owners identify with the joke last night. not funny for them, of course, neither was the market's performance. chairman of wright investors' service holdings is here to share his thinking on the markets. first, let's take a look at what
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happened on wall street with stocks finishing just off lows. the fed pledging to continue pumping 805 billion a month into the markets and it would consider raising the amount of the amount required. the dow down 1309 points. the s&p fell 15 from its record high set yesterday. the nasdaq down 30. volume on the big board, two and a half million shares. the commodities market down as well. gold falling back. crude oil plummeted on news that inventories spite to all-time highs. crude oil is the result down to 43 perarrel today. the yield on the treasury ten year dropped down. our market guest says the fed is key in the short term, but is also creating a problem for the markets later. here with his outlook, harvey eisen, chairman of service holdings.
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you like what the fed is doing? >> the fed does not have a choice. the fed is in a box. doing what they have to do. lou: and were you surprised at all that after saying that they would raise that $85 billion in purchases per month if the economy weakens, apparently investors still saw something that did not like. what do you make of it? >> there was a small comment where the fed said that they might, might if the conditions warranted, start the slow the purchases. that kind of caught people's attention because that is really from my point of view the political variable. lou: you know, and this is, i guess down to the point of interpreting the half full glass thing. they made it very clear, 69 percent unemployment rate. that is the absolute touchdown for everything that is going to happen.
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and yet the sell-off resulted. your interpretation has to be correct. the market responded. the markets are always right. so where we had it? given all of the fed statements, we are seeing in terms of the macro. >> the last three years have been exactly the same. the stock market. the first four months have gone up big. the second four months ago and down. the reason the markets went down in those three years is because there was this sense of, while, the economy's getting better. remember how they told you that the first quarter was so much better than they thought. now they are revising the numbers down. lou: this rocker recovery of our says been under way now for four years come to light. if you would have told me that the recession would be over in july at 2,009 and that we would
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still see high unemployment, and the me growth for years later i would say, you have to be kidding, but that is where we are. >> unemployment news, 78. underemployment breaks out to 138. this ability takes that to 19%. so we have this block of people. this u joke. it is not unemployment, lou, it is under training. there are jobs out there that cannot be filled. lou: jobs that can't be filled. also not creating jobs. we have looked at stagnant income for wage earners are the course of the past 30 years. and we have two parts to all political parties. our response to aids tremendous societal.
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unemployment. the other party is pushing budgets and deficits as a response to what is one of the most on a massive responses to a deep, painful societal and economic problem. these two orthodoxies have got to shed their skins and actually come up with something new and a heck of a lot more courageous, don't you think? >> of course. you are 100 percent right. these people are politicians. the goal of a politician is not to worry about you and me, not to do the right thing, but to get reelected. that's what people in this country give handouts from the government for. lou: and economically in terms of the market, the economy, what is our future of? >> the economy is moving ahead slowly. the powers that be tell you they want to excel rate. they don't because if it does
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demand for money will rise coming interest rates will rise, and the amount of interest but the government pays will go free and we are setting the stage for what you and i remember as an guys, the 70's, double-digit inflation. so it is all a sham. lou: let's hope that the sham can be resolved. >> let me be clear, the market is okay. we're going to get a pullback. lou: and not going to be net positive at the end? >> adelle want people to go away terrified. lou: i'm sitting here thinking maybe we should just go away. you are giving a suggestion that it is more -- the potential in the market and the economy is tremendous, but i don't know without strong leaders what can be done here. i really do not. >> you have a horrible problem because the senior citizens in this country are taking it right in the year.
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it is a disaster, and they're growing 10,000 people per day. 40 million now. 80 million. lou: this is a disaster waiting to happen. thank you for being here. as they say, a quick programming note. coming up over the next couple of weeks, we wi have some great authors joining us. their books will all be best sellers, i assure you. written apellbinding account of the doctor who treated and drug president john f. kennedy and the first lady and many others in the circle and the government. the book is entitled dr. feel good. we will be talking about his brilliant conclusion to his extraordinary world war ii trilogy the long awaited the guns that last flight. and best-selling author, fox news contributor joins me with his latest novel hell or
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richmond. the recommended each of these books to you. you don't want to miss our talks with the author's right here in the weeks ahead. coming up next, the american dream. some upside down numbers to share with you and tonight's "chalk talk". later, the fbi is looking for a possible suspected terrorist in the deadly benghazi terrorist attacks. what is the fbi said they're looking for criminals rather than terrorists? admiral james lyons turns us with the answers. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did.
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lou: for decades the notion of the american dream involved buying the house, if that is the case some could argue that american dream is dimming, homeownership dropped on 65%. 65% in the first quarter. that is lowest level in nearly two decades just about 18 years.
10:28 pm
we think however that the american dream is not just about housing here, it is about homes and about opportunity. our leaders don't get that. as we reported. came out in record numbers to support president ama last year, he won 93% of the black vote. but the black unemployment rate remains the highest of all races in our population. 13.3%. when president obama took office it was 12.7. we told you how president obama promised immaked greg reform, 9- immigration reform could 9.2% of hispanics are unemployed. higher an 7. 6% national
10:29 pm
unemployment rate. a dismal wealth gap among races in the country has widened under the obama administration, before the recession white families were about 4 times as wealthy as black and hispanic families, that has expanded to 6 times as wealthy as those racial and ethnic groups, the american dream is about mobile to move and improve your, hard work, going to college, seeking opportunity, but college costs are out of control, so is student loan debt. average college student who graduated in 2011. for which we have most recent year we have numbers, nearl nea$
10:30 pm
$27,000 this is amazing, in toughest job market in memory, $27,000 in student loan debt, those who graduate are entering a horrible job market. young college grads last year averages an 8.8% unemployment rate. that is for graduates, it is supposed to be easier for them, if you include young grads working part time for economy reasons for so-called under employment rate it is stunning 18.3%, 18.3%. it does not get better later in fe either. we have a looming retirement crisis, for many baby boomers that crises is here now.
10:31 pm
according to a study by employee benefit research institute, 57% of workers surveyed have less than $25,000 -- think about that, $25,000, 57%, 75,ic 75 in savings and investment, excludes their homes, these issues have to be addressed. not from the perspective of two democrats who address dependence see in state solutions and republicans who just want to keep talking about debt and deficits we have to think better, i hope we are that
10:32 pm
opportunity. >> three new suspects under arrest in boston bombing investigation. >> you go -- yugo, where are you, what is happening in venezuela's parliament. >> are you kidding me? the fbi today asking for the arab street to help solve deadly septembe11 attacks in benghazi. the fbi calls that attack a crime. admiral james lion next. you hurt my feelings, todd. i did? when visa signature asked everybody what upgraded experiences really mattered...
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lou: syria president assad making a rare public appearance, state television showing assad talking to staff and an electrical power station in company's capital marking may day, new reports that president
10:36 pm
obama is preparing to send weapons to the syrian opposition according to senior administration officials say they are working toward supplying arms to rebels but still pursuing as they put it, diplomatic options. >> back to the attack in benghazi, my next guest said lawmakers need to find the courage to expose their cover-up, joining us now admiral james lyons, you believe this obama administration is covering up the truth of benghazi. >> the is no question. lou: you say courage, the house of representatives has been working tirelessly, trying to breakthrough a wall of silence, if not a stonewall on the part of this administration, what more can they do? >> i would like congressman
10:37 pm
frank wolfe has got sponsored house resolution 36. i understand that now there are 134 fellow congressmen that signed up to that the problem has been speaker boehner has been stonewalling, the formation of that very necessary commit see in a select committee to investigate benghazi? >> right. and, as i said, in recent op set, if this were a -- op-ed, if this was a republican president, and nancy pelosi were the speaker, there would be no hesitation on her part to find of courage to form this special committee, i can only hope that speaker boehner will find his. lou: speaker boehner, what is his interest in not doing so? the questions mount by the day, we now have 4 whistle-blowers,
10:38 pm
potential whistle-blowers i should say. seeking reputation with private attorneys so they may speak, bring classified information to those discussions with their attorneys, and shed light on the events and that light will contradict some of the statements of this administration, your thoughts? >> well, if i had to speculate, i don't know if the administration is holding anything over the speaker's had, something -- head something akin to petraeus. but other possible that's speaker boehn briefed on the illegal armed transfer that i believe took place, blew that special -- fle through that spel mission compound to supply rebels, militias in syria, if that is the case, then he is part of problem. >> you are then suggestions we
10:39 pm
would become -- not com but wits knowledge not as motivated to share the truth with the american people as they ought to be? >> he is com complacent in this. lou: in your jum? >judgment.>> in my judgment. lou: do have you any evidence which you base that judgment? >> have no evidence, what so every. as you asked me to speculate, that is the only plausible reason that iz could surface at this time. but i have no special insight. lou: let me ask you this, as talk about speaker boehner. darrell issa now is talking about another oversight
10:40 pm
committee hearing on benghazi. his committee has looked at this, the republicans have been interested, it is always constructed as a partisan contest between the white house and the house of representatives. there seems to bno escape from that judgment but this is a matter of national interest, there doesn't seem to be any appetite in national media that national liberal nea media to dg and hole -- hold accountic this administration or anyone else for that matter including speaker boehner who would have about think of what was going on or why. >> this is unco unconscionable. tte same they that review board is systemic of the pblem, doing them do the investigation
10:41 pm
is like having the mafia investigate a crime scene, it looked like their many purpose was who protect the administration, and those at the top of the state department leadership. lou: admiral we appreciate you being with us, thank you. lou: we want to hear from you go to, you can go to my facebook page or tweet me. up next president obama makes two more nominations, we'll tell you about the latest choices. do they have the experience? and is that even relevant? we'ltake that up next. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery
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lou: take a look at what happened yesterday on floor the national assembly in venezuela. this flying between lawmakers over disputed election of hugo
10:45 pm
chavez's successor. majority seeking to punish opposition party for not accepting the results of president narrow elect victory, razor thin. no recount, opposition claims voter fraud provided that margin of victory, and seek to challenge that in court, more than 20 lawmakers were injured in that brawl. a peaceful transition of power sort of. both sides claim the other started it. u.s. officials suspect china to be behind the resan cyber attack targeting a sensitive database of every major dam in this country. hackers, compromising army corps of engineers national inventory of dams that contains information on vulnerabilities of all major dams, you are looking at right now, a small picture, i can't imagine why we
10:46 pm
have such a small one but there it is, a map of locations those major dams, highlighted, as best we could. it is not clear how much information was accessed or how much of data and programs were comp myselfed. it china -- compromise, china doing thabling, th the hacking,e government knows that does not seem to mind a bit. up next, major development in three major cases, jodi arias, george zimmerman, abortion dr. kermit next.
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lou: new arrested in boston
10:50 pm
marathon terrorist attack, two men from kazakhstan, and men from behind bars, charged can be stck on -- obstruction of justice. thigh looked to act sessionries after the fact. but, that is not what they are charged with. >> accessory you have to be aware a crime is going to be committed, they two charged with obstruct of justice, the 2 from kazakhstan, and american, charged with lying to a federal agent, that is a greater sentence it really gets into the way of an investigation, this man was lying for over a week after the bombing, some investigation could have been messed with in some way because of that delay. lou: and they are talking about throwing away laptop computer,
10:51 pm
getting rid of 7 tubesof fireworks. and attacks. why these charges in particular. does iting is there has been -- suggestion there has been a deal made or is this beginning of a broader iestigation or is there anything to be made of it. >> right now this is a criminal complain, probably soon there will be an document, we'll have a better idea whether they are cooperating, we know that when everyone saw the faces of the bombers on the news, instead of calling police, they tried to hide evidence, all these admitted to being part of it this was before the m.i.t. officer was murdered. maybe, this might have played out differently. >> two of them from kazakhstan had been taken in by i.c.e.
10:52 pm
agents, on immigration violations, when the attorney came out, and these said klein haclienthas been cooperating, te been in custody. >> that is not a typical reaction is it? to find out someone you know, has been involved in killing people and maiming people, and injuring over 200 people, and you take the laptop and other evidence and try to get rid of it, that makes you more to me at least, than an obstructing an investigation, i mean that speaks a lot loud irthan those charges. >> there might be other charges people are wonder figure they were involved in the plot, it seems like they were not such. lou: that is one them lesson i think we have learned. people they kill, the people they maimed. the people they injured, these
10:53 pm
were not very good terrorists, they hurt a lot of people, i frankly, if these three young men, had the tune of to turn them in and chose to help them, you know, the hell with them. >> there would be greater sentences. but unfortunately is appears there are not, as dan said it does not look like they had anything to do with it, there is a footnote in affidavit saying they had -- >> the sple fact they knew about itnd tried to cover it up is enough for my. we'll be back with the rest of the deal.
10:54 pm
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10:57 pm
lou: dan we're at merciful end of a bizarre long trial, a tragic case, jodi arias, they start their closing arguments tomorrow this is near an end. >> right after 4 months of testimony they start closing arguments you have had weeks and weeks of expert testimony they will not factor into the verdict noun pre70 presents a defense,. none of the testimony changes any of those. >> i agree, the beat battle of experts, it is interesting they asked defense exper hundreds of questions and prosecution expert a handful of questions. lou: do you think it will be a death penalty case? >> i think they will get
10:58 pm
first-degree, then they go -- >> will it be a verdict? >> i think it will be, i think they have been able to prove premeditation with gasoline cans, there is aggravated and mitigating circumstances that is another hearing. lou: another case, philly abortion doctor that also wrapping up. presumably is there anything you could see would be persuasive to you as a attorney. >> this is a difficult case, jury has been out for two days, the question certain babies born live then killed, or aborted, this case has received condemnation from both sides of the debate. >> the evidence will come down to direct evidence versus circumstantial evidence there no direct evidence that the babies were born alive, circumstantial
10:59 pm
evidence of 32 witnesses who saw the baby, move, breathe, heard the baby cry that is what need to be weighed. lou: is this spesers and waysiv- per swathiv pace -- there was nt sufficient evidence almost has effect of saying there is sufficient evidence. >> as a defense attorney that is what i worry about, if a party is dismissed after the plaintiff's case, wire that inference to jury is there is something there. lou: you get last word. >> you know jury may be out for a long time, it is complicated, this is an emotional case. hard to predict. lou: i was going to try to get you to predict. >> probably not all. lou: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> that is it for us, we thank you for joining us, tomorrow we'll be joined by former
11:00 pm
defense official paul wolfowitz under bush administration. jack keen will join us as well, good night from new york. neil: it's may day, do you know where the jobs are? they are not popping up here, a lot less than thought that got us thinking, if job growth is slowing, what else do you think starts slowing? but we have a recovery that housing come back or no, is hardly one to bet the house on right now. welcome i am neil cavuto, we all their saw this coming, maye when ibm announced it was buying back billions of its own stock and not hiring more folks, and american express did the same thing. about the same time apple chose to

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